Still Here

Hi, sorry it’s taken so long to write a new post. I have been working on my website but it’s all been behind the scene work.

As you know I take pictures some of which are portraits. When I take portraits usually I am at the creative farmers’markets outside of Casa Grande.I have published a page about the creative farmers market that you can find on the menu bar. I have started some pages that are password protected for those that had their portraits done there.

I have been having to work on the shopping cart – still at it.

I told you about the field camera that I bought. I thought it would be supper easy to set up and get all these great pictures. So far the pictures that I got showed my dog taking out shoes and boots to their yard! At least the camera works. I am hoping to get birds and other critters at a small fountain.

Here are a few of my latest pictures.

2014 G 17  DSC_0018

Creeping Devil

2014 G 17  DSC_0021

Columnar Cactus With White Flower

2014 G 17  DSC_0041

Columnar Cactus That is a Night Bloomer

2014 G 17  DSC_0070

Mexican Organ Pipe With its White and Purple Flower

New camera

I haven’t put in any posts for some time. This is going to change this week!

I did get a new trail camera that has night vision and I am hoping to get some pictures that I have not been able to capture before. These pictures should start being posted this Friday.