CFM 1/10/2015

Close to Casa Grande, Arizona, there is a very special nursery. Its name is the Avocado Nursery. It is located at 6855 N. Overfield RD which is North East of Casa Grande.  This nursery is the extension of the owner’s home. Phil Bond is a landscape artist. His nursery displays this. Phil has opened his nursery to artisans in the Casa Grande area.

Phil Bond

Phil Bond

On the 2nd Saturday of each month, excluding very hot summer months, the artisans of the area display and sell the beautiful things that they have made. Merchants have their special items displayed along the winding paths in the nursery.

Most of the items at the market are handmade or homegrown. One gentleman usually brings his wood carving including the one that he is presently working on. Another merchant brought snake squash and a sample stew was extremely delicious. One lady has made the most beautiful quilts.  As you know I take pictures, so what I bring are photos and items that are decorated with my photos. I also take portraits at the farmers market.

The hours are 10 AM to 2 PM in winter and  9 AM to 2 PM in the summer.

(We are in Arizona and it gets hot in the summer)

Phil is a master gardener. There are at least four master gardeners at the farmers market to answer questions. It is also a good time to find just the right plant or plants to enhance your yard.

The nursery also hosts special occasions that highlight different types of plants throughout the year.

This was the 2nd weekend of the month so we were there!

In the main building, there is a table for donations in memory of Julie for a Scholarship in her honor. Different friends of Julie and Phil bring different foods for all . . . all they ask is for a donation (your choice) for the fund. This week they brought eggs and sausage, biscuits and gravy, upside-down cake . . .

I took lots of pictures of the different merchants and the things they brought to sell. There was food, quilts, beautiful cards hand drawn, gourds with many designs on them, etc. I did not get all of their names so I won’t put any on at this time. These give a good idea of the different items you might see when you come.

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