New Subscribers

Thank you, new subscribers for showing interest in my site! As you can see, this site is just getting started.

There are still many tools that are available on wordpress that I have not figured out how to use.

There are different levels of membership provided. When you first signed in, you were listed as a subscriber.

I have tried putting in fake subscribers using some of my other email addresses. (These have since been deleted.) Then I tried giving comments from the first three levels of membership. I could not see much difference between tip.he first two levels. When a comment was written from either level, an e-mail was sent to me notifying there was a comment ready to be placed on the page.  Since this is the case I am leaving all subscribers at the first level.

The third level, contributor, is possible for those who would like to write posts and not just comments. Please let me know and provide 5 examples of your possible posts. If I like them, and they fit the overall feel of this site, then I will “promote” you to contributor.

I will try to have your comments on the webpage by the next day.

All comments need to be stated in a polite way. If unacceptable language is used, I might delete those words, and publish the rest.

I reserve the right to delete any comment that is not appropriate for this site. I will send an e-mail stating that the comment was deleted. If that subscriber sends another comment that is inappropriate after the e-mail, I will delete his/her name from the membership.

I understand that all subscribers are sent an e-mail when a new post is placed on the website. If this is not the case, please let me know at

Thank you again,

Julianne Loney