Creative Farmers’ Market

The staff at the avocado nursery is extremely helpful to both the merchants and the customers. I was told that all of the staff members have gone through the Master Gardeners program so they know their plants as well as great ways to take care of them. As far as helping the  vendors, The staff couldn’t be more helpful. They helped me carry in my camera, table, printer, pictures, as well as my backdrops for portraits. My station is inside of the pink house. The pink house is really where the customers pay for whatever they have chosen to buy. The first two times I came to the farmers market, I was outside. Staff members helped me set up my table, moved plants that were in the way, and made sure I had everything I needed.

At the Creative Farmers’ Market in November I interviewed some of the merchants. I use my Nikon camera to record it. The pictures came out beautifully, but the audio did not. My voice came through nicely, and at times the merchants voices also came through nicely. Sometimes we heard conversations of people walking near us. Sometimes the merchants voice was very soft. Result – much of it I could not use as it came from my camera.

One of the people I interviewed was Adele Diego.

Adel Diego at FMAdele is a master gardener. The first part of her film turned out nicely but during the last part people were walking by talking and we couldn’t hear Adele. So on this next section I took the basic idea of what Adele said. It is not word for word but I think I got most of the ideas that she shared.


Today we are having the farmers markets. We provide the venders areas throughout the nursery where they can set up and advertise their items. Most of the items are home-grown or home-made.

This is the Avocado Nursery. We are a 10 acre nursery where we grow most of the plants that we sell. Everything is climatized for the temperatures of the area. That includes cactus, trees, shrubs and of course fruit trees. We do have compost and potting soils here at the nursery. We also have seedlings.

Janelle Rovten bakes bread using zucchini. She has set up the bakery in Maricopa, Arizona. Janelle is one of the vendors who comes to the creative farmers market. Here is Janelle.


Close to Casa Grande, Arizona, there is a very special nursery. Its name is the Avocado Nursery. It is at 6855 N. Overfield RD which is North East of Casa Grande.  This nursery is the extension of the owner’s home. Phil Bond is a landscape artist. His nursery displays this.

Phil has opened his nursery to artisans in the Casa Grande area. On the second Saturday of each month, excluding very hot summer months, the artisans of the area display and sell the beautiful things that they have made. Merchants have their special items displayed along the winding paths in the nursery.

Most of the items at the market are handmade or homegrown. One gentleman usually brings his wood carving including the one that he is presently working on. Another merchant brought snake squash and a sample stew was extremely delicious. One lady has made the most beautiful quilts.  As you know I take pictures, so what I bring are photos and items that are decorated with my photos. I also take portraits at the farmers market.

Phil is a master gardener. There are at least four master gardeners at the farmers market to answer questions. It is also a good time to find just the right plant or plants to enhance your yard.

The nursery also hosts special occasions that highlight different types of plants throughout the year.

Creative Farmer's Market

Creative Farmer’s Market

The government keeps telling us the recession  is over – this is not true for most nurseries! The Avocado Nursery is one of the last full-time nurseries still in Pinal County. If  you want plants that are truly grown in Arizona, plants that are native to or well acclimated to our desert climate, you need to go to a nursery that actually grows plants.

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