Registration Problems

February 23, 2017

I am having a problem with my registration page so it is going to be “under construction”.

Most likely I will have to set it up again.

Probably all current IDs and passwords will be lost.

Sorry if this causes problems for you if you want to make a comment.

Please re-register or subscribe once that part of DRS is up and running again.

Thank you,

Julie Loney

Writing Posts in languages other than English

Thank you Mój and ktorego internetowej for trying to post on Desert Rat Studio’s web site. I was not sure what language you were writing in, so I had a hard time trying to translate your posts.

For those of you who write in a language other than English, please write your comment and then use or another translating program to translate it into English. You might have someone who writes in English check the translation to make sure it really says what you want to write.

Thank you again,
Julie Loney